Property Tax Assessment Is A Grim Joke



The property tax from the Gila County assessors is a grim joke on the taxpayers. Not only was the tax itself a parody considering the state of our current economy and the fall in the price of housing, but the fact that an additional tax (DUH … can’t the assessors count and get it right the first time?) was added, amounts to highway robbery.

Places like Globe and Miami are essentially ghost towns which provide no revenue for Gila County, so the Globe-elected supervisors and assessors gleefully overtax the other communities within the county. This is outrageous. It will be interesting to see who is re-elected and who is not.

In the meantime, it appears that the county has enough money to tear up a perfectly charming rural road such as N. Pine Creek Canyon Road in Pine for no apparent reason, and to destroy natural beauty and a number of mature trees, but not enough money to account for schools, fire department and others.

Why don’t you reshuffle your priorities and do things which are rational, such as rebuilding instead of destroying?

I am directly involved in the latter as my address is on N. Pine Creek Canyon Road and some of my trees are stated for extinction. Again, this is outrageous and a shameful waste of taxpayers’ money. I intend to go public with this letter through the Payson Roundup.

Christiane Eisele


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