Beeline Chiropractic Adds New Service Just In Time For The Holidays



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Dr. Robert Sanders and Beeline Chiropractic have served residents of the Rim Country for quite a few years and recently added a new treatment to provide clients.

Dr. Robert Sanders operates Beeline Chiropractic at 414 S. Beeline, Suite 6 in Payson.

“Just a few words about spinal decompression, one of the services we’ve recently added to our office,” Sanders offered.

Spinal decompression is a specialized form of computer controlled traction therapy that is very effective for many types of neck- and back-related problems.

Like chiropractic adjusting, it is a conservative, non-surgical treatment method. As such, it works very well with chiropractic care, though some patients make good progress with spinal decompression alone.

Chiropractic adjusting works by moving bones in the spine so there is less (or no) pressure on nerves. Similarly, spinal decompression therapy helps relieve nerve pressure by helping increase the health and height of the discs between the vertebrae.

About the time our bodies reach full skeletal maturity, in our late teens or early twenties, the blood supply to the discs dries up. After that, nutrition for the disc has to seep through the end plates of the vertebrae above and below it.

Spinal decompression therapy enhances that process by creating a vacuum within the disc, which causes more water, protein, vitamins and minerals to flow into the disc, so it is better able to repair and rebuild itself. In many cases, even a small improvement in disc health and height is enough to help relieve nerve pressure, relieving back and neck pain, arm and leg pain, weakness and numbness.

Our office uses the Triton DTS (Decompression Traction System), manufactured by Chattanooga Group, the largest manufacturer in traction therapy.

Call or stop by and check us out!

We wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.


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