Dr. Lowe Is A Caring Physician



Dr. Michael Lowe treats his patients with compassion, caring, understanding, kindness, integrity and loyalty, just to name a few (of his qualities).

Harry had dementia/Alzheimer’s. As everyone knows in the medical field, patients with this illness are not always easy to treat. With Dr. Lowe’s kindness and compassion, Harry adored him. Dr. Lowe never took any chances with Harry. Dr. Lowe was always on top of any health problems, and there was never an issue of Dr. Lowe taking time to treat Harry at the last minute if it was necessary.

Dr. Lowe dedicates his life first to his patients.

He came over to my home on a Sunday afternoon to check my mother’s (whom Dr. Lowe only treated for three months) vitals before she passed away, and the next year he came over to my home on a Tuesday morning before his office hours, to check my husband’s vitals when he was passing away, in my opinion, not only shows integrity but compassion, of not only a doctor but a fine human being.

We as citizens of Payson, ought to feel honored that we have Dr. Michael Lowe added to the list of fine physicians that we are fortunate to have in our community.

My thanks to all the physicians in our town for your loyalty and dedication.

Janet S. Zimmer


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