Make Your Home Work Time As Efficient As Possible


If you’re lucky enough to have a boss that lets you telecommute, or even luckier to not have a boss at all, working from home is a great way to be more efficient and save a little cash.

Granted, there are plenty of distractions trying to get you off your game: kids, pets, television, the refrigerator.

With a little practice, you can master these distractions and really get into a groove when you work from home.

But one distraction that you can’t just ignore is technology inadequacy. You have to take care of that once and for all. And once you do, it’ll be smooth sailing.

We often take the technology tools we have at work for granted. We don’t even recognize them until we get home and realize that we are missing something.

Here are a few things you can add to your home office that will make the transition much easier.

Network Printer

You’ll probably have to (or want to) work from different locations in your home. Having a network set up that will allow you to print remotely will make things much more convenient. You’ll be able to print from different machines. Some printers even allow you to e-mail your documents directly to them for printing, which means you can print from anywhere … including another state.

Wireless Internet

This is obviously something you’ll need. Make sure that you set up a wireless router that can reach the far corners of your home, just in case you need to work from various locations. If it’s a nice day, you might want to put in your reports from the patio, and a good wireless router will let you do that.

Also, make sure that your security measures are up to date. You’ll be dealing with sensitive information, and you need to make sure that your Internet connection is secure.


One of the best tools for work-from-home situations is Skype. This communication system allows you to easily (and inexpensively) get in touch with people around the globe.

You can set it up to be used with a headset or with a simple microphone and speaker system.

Chances are good that you already have speakers set up on your computer. If not, you probably have a way to plug in headphones. You can just pick up an inexpensive microphone and you’ll be good to go.

There are many more things you can do to make your transition to working from home a little easier. Be sure to give the Computer Guys USA a call at (928) 468-0000 if you have any questions. We’ll get you set up with the right network, the right security measures, and the right tools.

Enjoy your day at home … we’re all jealous.

Daniel Taft is the senior network administrator and member/owner of Computer Problem Specialists, LLC and CEO of “The Computer Guys USA, Inc.” with a degree in applied computer science. His career spans more than 20 years.


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