Remember Those Who Need Some Help During The Holidays


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

Happy Thanksgiving! I personally love this holiday because what is better than eating so much great food that a person becomes immobile in front of a television set with a football game on?

I consider myself one of the fortunate ones. Not everyone has it so good on Thanksgiving. There are many people that are having a rough go of it and could use some support, someone to chat with and even just a hot meal.

There are also many vets from our armed services that have come home and many more coming home that are especially deserving of this. Whether you agree with the wars or not, the men and women of our armed services carried out their orders and have sacrificed to a degree I cannot even comprehend.

So, please keep in mind maybe providing a simple thank you or handshake or invite them in and get to know them. It really is the very least we can do.

The history of Thanksgiving unfortunately has some shady parts to the story. It of course also has its warm traditions and a firm place in our culture. Maybe we can be extra kind to our neighbors and community to try and make the story of Thanksgiving even better.

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Thanks again for reading the column, Jason.


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