The Great American Scam



The Great American Scam is in progress now. Forty percent of the land that is producing corn is grown to manufacture ethanol. Farmers and ethanol plants are being heavily subsidized at taxpayer expense to produce a product that is not needed.

After traveling 11,000 miles through 14 states the past three years, it is evident that our petroleum supply is quite adequate, especially natural gas. Many wells are idle as storage facilities are full.

It takes nine gallons of water to process one gallon of ethanol, water that is much needed for other uses. After recording detailed impg consumptions, records indicate a drop of 18 to 20 percent with 90-100 regular from 100 percent gasoline or about 4-1/2 mpg. If all motor vehicles in the USA were equipped to use propane (natural gas) we have more than enough to last 200 years. No more oil refineries would need to be built.

Canada has probably as much petroleum in reserve as the USA, so why use valuable farmland to produce ethanol?

Paul R. Gonnerman


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