Suddenlink Transition Was An Inexcusable Fiasco



As a fairly new resident of this fine community, I have nothing but kudos for the Rim Country. I just read Mr. DJ Craig’s very professional comments about the inexcusable fiasco brought on by (ugh) SuddenLink.

DJ Craig is absolutely correct in complimenting Chris and Audrey who serve in the local office for this Internet provider. I would also like to acknowledge Nick, the local field service supervisor, who came to my home several times during the attempt to feed the old NPG Cable e-mail systems into the gullet of SuddenLink.

In another category I shall call disappointing, there was the customer service technician from the escalation department at SuddenLink (not local) who called and listened to my concerns and then never got back to me. Also the young lady (another escalation person) who screwed up my username and then finished me off by compromising my password. I wish you both good luck in careers that are starting very badly.

Oh, let’s not forget the vice president who was in the local SuddenLink/NPG Cable office during the early transition. In corporate speak, this SuddenLink executive blatantly assured us that the service would improve and that “we would notice the improvement.” In sales we always call that “fading the heat.”

I may fare much better in this quiet mountain town if I don’t speak out about incompetence from corporate greed mongers who

desire to feed on our pocketbooks. Unfortunately, I came here from Las Vegas and as Tina Turner sings “We don’t do anything nice and easy.”

Here are some suggestions on how the chairman of SuddenLink and his minions should be treated, if they dare plan a visit to our wonderful community:

• Place them in a room and play the SuddenLink on-hold advertising script for at least an hour so they know what we endure each time we call. I wouldn’t mind if the claims were truthful, but to listen to a brainwashing script about their service makes me wonder if their advertising team all look like Pinocchio.

• Ask Tonto Rim Search and Rescue to take these mighty executives out into the farthest reaches of our majestic forests and lose them.

Ahhh, I feel much better. But … if I could, I would transport the SuddenLink senior management team to Vegas, place them in the coaster ride on top of the Stratosphere Hotel and forget to lock the safety pins.

I love ya Payson.

Mike Marryat


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