It Is Not The Doctor’S Fault



Don’t kick Dr. Ivey because of the VA system! I was not aware of the meeting held on Monday to address the VA problems or I would have attended.

The VA system is only available in large cities, and all of us veterans know what a cluster that is, when we need to go there.

My heart goes out to fellow veterans that need continued care, and have to jump through hoop after hoop to try to get some help. I am fortunate that I do not fall into that group of veterans.

I have to go to the Phoenix VA this week for some test, only because our fellow veteran, Dr. Ivey, could not have it done up here in Payson.

So as you all know, I will become a grab a number, and wait in line, find a chair if you’re lucky, but mostly stand in the hall, waiting for someone to call your number, because they don’t know your name.

It sure is different at Dr Ivey’s VA Clinic. You are always greeted with respect, all of the staff thanks us for our service to our country, something we never got when we came home. Remember those days!

Dr. Ivey knows us all by name, and every time I visit the clinic, both Dr. Ivey and Sandy, always ask me if I have any concerns that I need answered.

I want to thank Dr. Ivey and his staff for being available to us in Payson, even if his scope of treatment is very limited, he tries his best, for us veterans.

The system is broke, not Dr. Ivey and his staff.

Thank you fellow veteran, and doctor, and staff. I hate going to Phoenix, I’m glad you’re here for us, even on the limited basis that it is.

Dave Crowell, veteran


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