Government Is Not Petty



The talk these days is about the role of our government and taxes. I wish to address these topics. As a child I spent a year living in Colombia. When I returned home, I vowed never to complain about taxes. There, I saw what it was like to live without sewers, clean water, reliable buildings, bridges, roads and security.

There, I saw women washing laundry in the river just downstream from where the hospital dumped its waste. I yearned for some good chewing gum, because the gum that I could buy there was not safe. In fact many people there had parasites, that were spread via unhealthy, unregulated conditions.

I saw diseased, contagious, elderly and maimed people begging on the streets and abandoned children sleeping on park benches. Many Americans take so much for granted as they apparently do not realize that these conditions do not exist here because of the taxes we pay. For those who say government has too much of a role in our lives, I say I do not see it that way.

Furthermore, I find it disgraceful that some politicians want my government to be inconsequential. My dictionary defines inconsequential as unimportant and petty. I cannot fathom why those politicians want to lead the very government that they hate, nor how they expect me to vote for someone who wants government to be petty. I can only surmise that those politicians want to get in office and then can sit back and do nothing, since that is what they want government to do for us! I want just the opposite. I want my government to do something for me and I am willing to pay for it.

I keep hearing that those politicians want to repeal “Obamacare,” but not a word about what to do to make health care accessible to all. These politicians do not care about helping people. Their only concern is to sabotage the present administration, the economy and the American people along with it. Their focus should not be on making one president look bad, but rather on making taxes fair, government services efficient and working together to make the nation stronger.

Just because I believe in my government does not men I am lazy or want handouts. I resent that implication. I could never vote for anyone with such an extreme, do nothing, mindless negative ideology, with no plan for moving our nation forward.

Judith L. Hunter


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