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Gee, did you turn on a little heat on Thursday morning? Once I stepped outside I was convinced that it wasn’t just a few degrees change, but actually deserved a light jacket.

So, I went to my coat, vest, sweatshirt and hoodie closet. Hmmm, what color will coordinate with my outfit today? As I was scanning the possibilities I remembered hearing Susan Campbell of Payson schools speak at last Saturday’s benefit held at the Payson Senior Center. She spoke of the loss of an $80,000 grant to keep homeless students from failing at school. She spoke of the youths as having no warm clothes and some with shoes way too small.

At that point I started taking a look at what I really needed and what I haven’t worn in the past year. Making sure every item was clean and pockets emptied of grocery lists and Kleenex, I began making my pile. Not only did it give me the closet space I needed as I prayed over the items that they would in some way make the lives of those students who are not so fortunate feel warmer and be able to learn more that day.

A staggering 20 percent of our Payson students qualify as homeless. This should not be and we can do something about it by offering some warmth on an otherwise gloomy day.

If you came from cold country, as I did, take a look at what you have to share and call Susan Campbell who coordinates services for homeless students in the Payson Unified School District at 474-2070. You’ll be amazed at the warmth you will suddenly feel in your heart!

Patricia L. Frisbie


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