Villagers Cleaning Out Chimneys For Cold Weather


The frost has definitely been on the pumpkin in Tonto Village this past week. The temperature has been at least 32 degrees with a light frost each morning. The Villagers are getting ready for the cold weather that will soon be here.

They are getting their chimneys cleaned, which is very important. There have been chimney fires in the Village in the past, so now is a great time to call your favorite chimney sweep. There have been wood deliveries and chain saws buzzing for about two weeks now.

It seems that we have had a short summer this year, or I have been too busy to enjoy the activities such as fishing as much as I would have liked.

Bill and I have been totally occupied with remodeling our home and we found little time for fun. Hopefully that will change next year. All work and no play is no fun.

Hellsgate Fire Department Auxiliary

The Fireflies held their last meeting of the year this past Monday morning. Since this meeting constitutes the annual meeting, the outgoing treasurer, Scherry Duncan, gave an extensive and comprehensive financial report on all the committees’ fund-raisers for the year.

All of the areas made a profit this year. Scherry is to be commended and thanked for all her hard work crunching those numbers and making the figures understandable to the rest of the auxiliary members.

The last activity for the Fireflies will be on Oct. 20 for the Firefighter Appreciation Dinner.

The dinner will be held at station #21 in Star Valley. The food will be served at 6 p.m. All firefighters and their families as well as all the Fireflies and their families are encouraged to come to the dinner.

The firefighters work very hard for us in so many ways, in taking classes, training for EMT status, and generally taking care of all of us when there are emergencies. The auxiliary wanted to show their appreciation to all of the firefighters and their families for being there when we need them.

The Fireflies will now be in an inactive status until Monday, April 9, 2012 except for emergencies. The executive board will act upon those situations as they arise.

If you would like to become a Firefly, contact Janet at 928-478-9935, Joan at 928-478-4667, Linda at 928-478-4641 or Karen at 928-478-9445.

The auxiliary is still collecting recipes for their upcoming cookbook, “Fireflies Can Cook” until Dec. 31. The cookbook will emphasize “quick and easy” for our fast-paced society.

You can call any of the numbers already listed or you can e-mail vleigh@ or or

Birthdays, etc.

On Oct. 21, Larry Corey will add another candle to his birthday cake. Larry is on the Hellsgate Fire Board and resides in Star Valley.

Bobbie Doss will celebrate her big day on Oct. 22. Bobbie is a firefighter with Hellsgate Fire Department. Happy birthday to the both of you.

Pool results

The Double D Bar & Café was the place for the nine-ball competition this past Tuesday evening.

The winners were Christopher Creek resident Nanci Olson, Tonto Village resident Ethel Cain and Patty Boeschling, also from Christopher Creek. Congratulations to all the winners. Next week’s competition will be held at the “new Landmark” in Christopher Creek.

The Double D will be holding a potluck dinner Friday, Oct. 14 to celebrate the October birthdays in the Village. The food will be ready about 5:30 p.m. Make something yummy for everyone and help say “happy birthday” to them. If you have an October birthday, of course, you are invited. The birthday cake will be provided.


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