Thanks For Visiting The Arts And Crafts Festival



Thank you Payson ... for our 40 kids, we house, feed, educate and clothe, in our Inda House of Hope home, I say thank you for participating and assisting in our Zane Grey Art & Crafts Fair at the courthouse, last weekend.

These boys and girls we help have been abandoned by their parents, and are retrieved by one of our pastors, in Andrah Pradesh, from bus stations and train depots.

To survive, young girls act as flower sellers and help in garland-making, or become caught up in temple prostitution, (Devadasis) while one can see boys act as vegetable vendors, or firewood collectors throughout India. Children of construction workers help in bringing water, cleaning vessels or collecting twigs for fuel. Anything to survive!

Their parents are compelled to come to cities when monsoon fails, abandon their children, and they cannot cultivate their lands.

Many children end up on the street because their parents have died from disease or had an accident, or just abandon them, when circumstances overwhelm them.

Count your blessings, you are a person born here in America.

Thanks for having a heart.

Dean Schlosser, president,

Greater Grace Fellowship


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