A Big Thank You To Payson Police



Recently there has been a lot of negative press on our Payson Police Department, so now is the time for some positive press.

My family and I want to give Officer Ortiz a big, long, overdue thank you for helping us with a problem we had. It seems everyone is always in a hurry to give negative comments, but when there is a job well done, we are slow to respond. We apologize for taking so long to thank you properly Officer Ortiz.

You are an exemplary representation of our Payson Police Department as a whole. All the negative press has put a shadow on all of the officers and we shouldn’t blame every officer for the indiscretions of a few. In life there is bad and good in everything.

We want this town to know that we do have very dedicated, caring, hardworking and excellent police officers. Payson, tell them thank you when they help you, and let them know we do appreciate them.

Lee and Lori Meyers


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