Halloween Brings Community Together For Fall Fun


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

It is almost time for Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

Halloween, for some reason, was always my favorite holiday. As a kid, I remember trying to get as much candy as possible and then sitting around with my friends seeing what I could trade my candy corn for (never liked that stuff for some reason). When I was older, I participated in and started many haunted houses over the years (with the most popular being what we called “the Haunted Maze”). Now that I am a bit older, it is fun to try and get together with friends and watch kids today have fun doing what we did so many years ago.

I also enjoy this holiday nowadays because it is a unique way that the community seems to come together for a common cause — keeping kids safe, walking together to go trick-or-treating, neighborhood get-togethers, businesses opening their doors as safe places to trick-or-treat or donating candy and donating to charities.

While Halloween is certainly associated with spirits, I like to think that it is associated with the spirit of kindness and cooperation. Everyone comes from a different background, everyone has different motivations and everyone has different needs and wants. I think Halloween is great because it causes us to focus on what unites us and what we have in common versus our own ideals (if only for a moment). So, here is hoping that the spirit of Halloween lasts all year long. Be safe and take a moment to enjoy your neighbors and the beautiful, crisp, clean air and quiet calm of the leaves falling outdoors. Happy (almost) Halloween!

The Landmark at the Creek is having a Halloween Party Oct. 29, starting at 6 p.m. There will be a live DJ, costume prizes, door prizes, games and more. For more information, please call (928) 478-4597.

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Thanks again for reading the column.



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