New Tax Law Needed



Asking people who make over a million dollars a year to pay the same tax rate as the middle class is not class warfare. It is leveling the playing field.

Assuming that millionaires will create jobs is like assuming that if you give a child a dollar, he or she will run off to purchase a bag of baby carrots instead of a chocolate candy bar. If indeed some millionaires do create jobs, these people could be given tax credits. That is real, common-sense policy. Requiring the middle class to pay a larger percentage of their income than rich people pay is punitive taxing.

Unlike Senator Jon Kyl, I believe that our Congress is smart enough to pass a law that will work better than the Alternative Minimum Tax law. (Surely they could do at least one thing right this year.) However, if they do have to vote on the issue annually so be it. That is what we pay them, and pay them very well, to do.

Susan Claire

Editor’s Note: A congressional report says that people in the upper 2 percent of income pay more than 90 percent of the taxes in this country. Additional a report published in the Arizona Republic this past weekend based on a congressional report says the average wage earners with an income of $50,000 or less pay less than 19 percent of their income in taxes, while people making more than $200,000 pay more than 35 percent of their income in taxes, some pay 45 percent depending on their situation.


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