Are You Ready To Foster A Shelter Pet?


People frequently ask me if it is depressing working in an animal shelter, and I tell them “honestly…no” because there are so many things that make it a rewarding position. Not only do people who work in animal shelters love animals, but they live for the moments when an animal gets adopted or fostered out into a wonderful home.

Speaking of foster parents, have you ever met someone that you knew you would be friends with immediately? Well, I have, and she turned out to be one of the most amazing animal foster parents that I have ever met. I won’t tell you her name (we will call her “Jane”), but she has given me a new outlook on life. Jane lives life to the fullest and her compassion toward animals is absolutely amazing. Jane not only has great a great personality, but animals are drawn to her immediately, too.

I met Jane on a hot, Arizona afternoon after she found two dogs and brought them to the shelter. The humane society was packed to the gills, and Jane saw that first-hand. Instead of leaving the lost dogs at the shelter, she decided to leave her information with us (just in case the owner called or came by looking for his two dogs) and take the dogs home until they were reunited with their owner.

Later that same day, a very concerned owner came into the shelter and said “Have you seen my two dogs? They went missing this morning.” As luck would have it, the two dogs he was asking about happened to be the same dogs that Jane brought in that morning. I called Jane immediately and she was delighted to find out that her new canine friends were soon to be reunited with their loving owner.

A couple days later, I happened to call Jane. When she was at the shelter, she mentioned that she was interested in fostering. It just so happens that we had a dog come in that was in dire need of a foster home … like, immediately. As soon as Jane answered the phone and I introduced myself, I knew she was the right person for the job. Later that day, Jane came in and picked up her new foster pup and changed her life forever.

To this day, Jane brings in framed pictures of her foster pooch and HSCAZ looks forward to each and every update. The updates give us hope and reminds us of just how lucky we are to have such a compassionate community.

All of this being said, if you are interested in fostering an animal for HSCAZ, please contact me at look forward to hearing from you.

Low-cost rabies shots

A low-cost rabies vaccination clinic will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8 at Main Street Animal Clinic, located at 411 W. Main St. Rabies vaccines will be available for $10, cash only. There is a licensing fees for all dogs.

$25 adoptions through Sept. 4

The Humane Society of Central Arizona reminds you that all adoptable adult dogs and cats are just $25 for approved adopters, now through Labor Day. All shelter pets are spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations. For more information, visit the shelter at 812 S. McLane Road; open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily (excluding holidays); call (928) 474-5590 or go online to www.humanesocietycentral

Here are some of the great pets available for adoption.




Java is a 9-month-old female rat terrier mix. She is a little jumping bean who loves people. She does well with other dogs, but would prefer a home with no young children. She loves to play and would look great with a pink bow in her hair.




Duke is a 2-year-old male lab mix. He was really shy when he first came in, but now he’s starting to be more outgoing. He still gets scared sometimes, but he love to play and romp around the yard. He was surrendered to the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him. Would you be his new family?


Bobbie Jean


Bobbie Jean is a 7-year-old female cattle dog mix. She came from a sad background, but she hasn’t let it hold her back in life. She loves people, but is still a bit shy at times. She loves other dogs and making new friends. She is now at a healthy weight, and is on her way to recovery.




Jackson is a 3-year-old male Australian shepherd mix who came into the shelter with Bobbie Jean. They may have had a rough past life, but they have bounced back and are totally awesome companions.




Billy is a 2-year-old male Australian shepherd. Like Bobbie Jean, he also had a rough life prior to coming to the shelter. He loves people and hanging out with new friends. He loves to watch the sunset and he loves dog biscuits.




Joey is a 3-year-old male terrier mix. He has been called a cuddle bug and a wiggle bug, but to tell you the truth, he is simply a lovable pooch. He loves people and has many canine friends at the shelter. Will you adopt Joey?


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