Bargain Hunting



I want a new computer. Where can I get the best buy? It’s worth the time to really research the possibilities. Wow! I found a super deal.

Well, this computer has everything that I need and the price is right. But look, this computer and most of the others are not made in the United States. My purchase is giving jobs to people in another country, and their government is also gaining tax revenue from my purchase while so many of our citizens are out of work. Why?

Our regulations, taxes and labor costs make it impossible for most American companies to compete. Until we can get our government to recognize this fact and give us a fighting chance to do profitable manufacturing here at home, we will have a shortage of jobs.

Let me have a real bargain, a good product that, when purchased, improves our economy as well as giving me the delight of having bought something I really wanted.

Norma Wade


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