Harry And His Mustang ‘Chick Mobile’


“He’s sweet just like chocolate candy

and like the honey from a bee;

Oh, I’m just wild about Harry

and he’s just wild about,

He can’t do without,

He’s just wild about me.”

Happy birthday, Harry.

This Sunday, my good friend, Harry Sarre, will celebrate his birthday, with only 365 short days to go until he becomes a very proud centenarian.

Since I moved to Payson nine years ago, Harry and I have spent many an evening sitting in our lawn chairs down at Green Valley Park, shooting the breeze and greeting walkers as they pass us by at our usual chatting spot along the sidewalk.

Harry is far more than a very good friend to me — he is an inspiration on how life should be lived. Never the one to take a shortcut or the easy way out, Harry takes pride in maintaining both his home in Apache Junction and his bungalow on William Tell Circle in Payson.

When the monsoon rains wash out his driveway, Harry is out the next day filling in the gullies. When his house needs painting or the bushes need trimming, he whistles a tune and heads straight to work.

Maybe because he lived through the decade-long Great Depression of the 1930s, when an onion sandwich was all there was for dinner, Harry has a sensible, practical, and appreciative outlook on life.

Perhaps you’ve seen Harry at Green Valley Park. He’s usually there in the mornings to take his hour-long walk. Then he comes down in the late afternoons and again just before sundown, to relax and chat with his many friends.

Or maybe you’ve seen Harry driving around town in his hot red Mustang convertible. We who know Harry well like to refer to it as his “chick mobile.”

When we’re at the park in the evening, Harry and I (“the mayors of Main Street”) often enjoy talking about the music of his teenage and young adult life. He has a remarkable memory of the music of the 1920s and 1930s and will often will break into song with one of the old standards of that time.

Again, to my good friend, Harry — Happy Birthday to you! (Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be here next year to bid you a very, very special birthday greeting.)

This week’s music question is: Can you name the singer/ actress who in 1939 sang the hit song, “I’m Just Wild About Harry?”

She was born Frances Gumm on June 10, 1922, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. She made her first feature film at age 14 and starred in a series of hit movie musicals in the ensuing decade.

Described “as electrifying a performer as ever sang on an American concert stage,” this performer hosted her own TV variety series, 1963-64, and was married to composer David Rose from 1941-45 and director Vincent Minnelli from 1945-51.

From 1939-54, she scored 17 songs on the music charts, including “I’m Nobody’s Baby,” “For Me And My Gal,” “The Man That Got Away” (from the musical “A Star Is Born”) and her trademark song from 1939, “Over The Rainbow.”

Is this “I’m Just Wild About Harry” singer A) Connie Boswell, B) Kate Smith, C) Judy Garland, or D) Joan Young?

If you’re the fourth caller this week and have the correct answer, you’ll win a CD of the top hits of the 1930s. (If this music is a little before your time, not to worry, it will make a nice present for someone who grew up during that era.)

Now, let’s see how we did with last week’s music trivia question, which was: Can you name the female artist who sang the 1965 hit, “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows?”

Was it A) Leslie Gore, B) Petula Clark, C) Annette Funicello, or D) Connie Francis?

The correct answer was Leslie Gore.

Congratulations to this past week’s music trivia winner, Aaron Chernov, who won a $35 gift certificate for a haircut at Studio B Salon, courtesy of Ashley Sockrider, stylist, and a $25 gift certificate to the Mutt Boutique from owner, Louise. Aaron, a multiple time trivia winner, left his guess on my answering machine, which included him singing the first few bars of Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party.” What a surprise and what a delight!

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Be safe!

DJ Craig — Phone: 468-1482

Web site: www.DJCraigInPayson.com


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