Hpr Ammunition Now Available Nationwide


About a year and a half ago, HPR ammunition was little more than an idea on a notepad that was being pursued by a visionary named Jim Antich, who saw the growing demand for ammunition in the firearm industry. He was looking for the right town in the heartland of America which is often called the “flyover land” to begin his new business. Payson was one of three communities in the Intermountain West that he seriously considered before he made it official that northern Gila County would be the spot for the operations. During this time, the fledgling company has become a reality and is experiencing steady growth and is quickly becoming a familiar name among the growing population of avid pistol shooters well beyond the borders of Arizona.

HPR ammunition is 100 percent American made with all of the components in a cartridge, which includes brass, primers, powder, and projectile. Even the cardboard box the bullets are packaged in is American made. The assembly, personal inspection and hand packaging is performed by U.S. citizens right here in Payson.

The business currently has 12 employees, including a plant superintendent, national marketing director, machine operators, inspectors and warehouse personnel, who are all striving to make the best bullet on the market.

This is a company that is certainly trying to improve the struggling economy of our country and is making a positive impact in a very competitive market. 

This is very much a high-end ammunition where accuracy is expected at 1/10 grain powder drop consistency, with frequent ballistic lab testing of bullets, clean burning powder, each bullet being hand inspected, and packaged. With this kind of quality and a very competitive price, it is perfect for the next generation of American shooters. Numerous shooting ranges in the Southwest have recognized the quality and are using HPR bullets. 

Former world champion and shooting instructor, Matt McLearn, advises in development of HPR ammunition, while current national champion Nils Jonasson shoots HPR bullets when a title is on the line. Handgun accuracy and dependability can be improved with a quality bullet and HPR is the one to try. Locally, Bill Armstrong Jewelry and Firewood in Star Valley has a wide selection of pistol calibers on the shelf in the attractive maroon carton with the bold gold lettering of HPR.

HPR ammunition will have a fourth machine in operation within the week which will be producing the very popular 45 Long Colt, 357 magnum, and 44 magnum for pistols, while the 308 rifle bullet will soon be in production. These four calibers will be added to the fast growing list of ammunition available for the casual or avid shooter who wants a hyper clean burning powder with a guaranteed quality in each bullet manufactured. 

Before that next trip to the range, stop by Bill Armstrong Jewelry in Star Valley and buy a box of HPR bullets, which are designed and engineered for the next generation of shooters.

Stay safe and enjoy the Arizona outdoors, God’s creation.


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