Never Be The One At The End Of The Line



“School board frustrated by hike in property tax” ... and the article below that, “School board approves big jump in facility fees.”

As I understand it, the state Legislature “fiddled with the formulas in mid-year, without giving districts a chance to adjust their tax rates,” Casey O’Brien, school superintendent, said, attempting to explain why year-end cash balances for the school district were so far off.

Sympathizing with the challenge of calculating tax rates by administrators, Barbara Underwood, school board president, said, “Even though the rate is going up, we as a district aren’t getting more money.”

Well, so, how to cover the unexpected 50 percent PUSD property tax rate?

Read the second article. Increase the fees for the use of school facilities by outside groups.

Board member Barbara Shepherd voted against the increase schedule, believing it was too much, and that there was not enough information to support the increases.

Casey O’Brien, “It’s still a deal, certainly less than some others charge.”

Barbara Underwood, board president, “We can’t afford to subsidize people using these facilities.”

From page 4A

Board member Matt Van Camp, “I think they’re all reasonable,” voted for the increase.

Casey O’Brien, “People say they can’t believe how little we charge.” (I don’t believe people/organizations using the district facilities will say that again! )

“We just want to cover our costs,” said Barbara Underwood. “I don’t see that any of these charges are unreasonable.”

Matt Van Camp: “These fees are nothing compared to what it would cost to really cover our own costs.”

Barbara Shepherd: “But to increase the charge for using the stadium from $100 to $400, that’s not a little increase, that’s a lot.”

New fees were approved by a vote of 3 to 1.

When things are tough, and projected budgets don’t hold up, try to always be in the position to have someone else cover the shortfall. Never, never, never, be the one at the end of the line.

How you avoid this, I don’t know. Suck it up? And what, choke to death? Then who is going to pay for the funeral?

C. Anne Boisvert


Tim Fruth 5 years, 4 months ago

What a good laugh I had after reading this. Great use of quotes. :)


roysandoval 5 years, 4 months ago

Well of course on one wants to be at the end of the line...there are 1.7 million reasons why!


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