New Location To Donate Aluminum Cans To The Humane Society



I wanted to let you know of a new Dalmatian (white trash container with black spots) can location! Waste Management on the corner of Chennault and Airport Road (up past the airport) has graciously consented to let the Humane Society use their recycling area as a can collection site.

So now when you go to recycle your cardboard, plastic bottles, food cans and such, you can also put your aluminum drinking cans in the Dalmatian trash container. Please, only the aluminum cans. The rest of the stuff goes in the huge green Dumpsters.

While I’m at it, may I please make a request? When those of you who throw your cans out of the car window (and you know who you are) please try to resist the urge to twist and rip the can in two. It tears my bag and cuts my fingers. I know you are big and strong. You may crush them, but please leave the cans intact.

Better yet, drive up to one of the can collection sites and drop the can in the Dalmatian container. The puppies and the kitties thank you.

Nancy Ward


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