Nothing To Do In Payson



My name is Landen Adams, I live in Payson and go to Rim Country Middle School. After school I have nothing to do but play X-Box 360.

I wish there was a Boys and Girls Club here so that we could play sports, play games and just have a place to go. We need a skateboard park that is safe, no drugs, drinking or talking trash.

Our school needs new books and new computers and new sports equipment. Maybe the people who read the paper will help.

Landen Adams


Dan Varnes 5 years, 4 months ago

Payson is surrounded by millions of acres of forest land. Surely you could find something fun to do in the forest? Hiking, biking, building a fort, rock collecting, etc.

You're only limited by you imagination.


Barb Atkins 5 years, 4 months ago

re: Landen Adams, I think you are a person with very good insight, It is great that you don't want to just play XBox 360 and want to get a group together that does some fun things that are safe and with integreity. I am from MN and hope to relocate for the winter in Payson. If I were down there I would love to help you get organized fundraisers together and set up a club. I commend you for you wanting more to do. Good Luck with that. Barb Atkins


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