Dysfunctional? Really?



In a recent article in the Roundup, Ann Kirkpatrick stated that the 87 freshmen congressmen elected in 2010 were the cause of a “dysfunctional Congress.” Really? Then what was the cause of the “dysfunctional Congress” when it was controlled by the Democrats from 2006-2011?

Are you saying that the American people were stupid when they voted for and elected these 87 freshmen congressmen from across America? Or was it because they did not re-elect you? I suppose you feel that it would not be “dysfunctional” if you were re-elected? Really?

I’m sure you enjoyed your position, and I’m sure your staff did also since you gave them a fat bonus during your last two days in office to the tune of $100,000.

Wow! Some bonus! That was more than all but two of the 93 retiring or defeated House members received!

No, I think we need to elect more of those “dysfunctional” congressmen and senators from across America then, the United States of America will be on its way to being respected again for the constitutional principles of this great nation!

Dave Warthen


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