When Will It End?



Over the past two weeks, the Roundup has reported on two whopping increases leveled against the taxpayer/customer in our community. SemStream wants to charge its customers another 26 percent for propane. They bemoan the loss of $300,000 last year and so want $1.3 million to make up for that loss.

Somehow the math just does not add up, loss $300,000 get $1,3000,000. I lost almost that much the great recession, when stocks went south, but no one was there to bail me out. Maybe SemStream could delay updating their fleet or their executives could cut their pay.

Propane is made from oil and natural gas, both products going down in price. Didn’t they get the memo — people in Gila County are out of work and some are out of their home. No one is getting raises and most are just getting by. Hello.

And then we come to the Payson School District with their 50 percent increase in their tax rate. Another group with their hand in the pocket of the taxpayer/customer.

Does anyone understand there is a limit to what people can pay? The county has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the state and lowest per capita income. I can’t fault the school board because they did not get correct data, but who is responsible for that?

The $100,000-plus superintendent, who runs the school system. Again, it is the taxpayer who must bail out a program that didn’t get their number right. Now that is interesting, a school who can’t do numbers.

When will it all end?

Tom Loeffler


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