Full House For Domino Divas Competition


The annual competition of the Domino Divas and the Christopher Creek domino players was held on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at the Hellsgate Fire Station in Tonto Village.

What a great turnout it turned out to be, with 21 ladies ready to play and compete. Not only was there a full house, there was also a table filled with a fantastic variety of food from different appetizers to wonderful desserts. Some of the food will appear in the cookbook that is being put together by the Hellsgate Fireflies.

Everyone had a grand time chatting with each other and playing either ‘Mexican Train’ or ‘Chickenfoot.’ As far as what team was the winner? Everyone.

Actually, votes were taken for a few categories such as the person with the lowest score after seven games played.

The winner was Joan Norem of Tonto Village III. The highest score for a player went to ‘Punk’ Madaras. The person who played the most doubles at one time went to Eileen Kittock of Christopher Creek. The most helpful award went to Dara Sutton of Bear Flat.

The ‘sniveler’ award went to Laura Bierwirth of Payson and Christopher Creek. Mary of Christopher Creek got the award for saying ‘whose turn is it?’ the most times. Next year, the ladies from Christopher Creek will host the competition and everyone is looking forward to getting together again.

Hellsgate updates - brush pick-up

Now is the time to collect all the pine needles and brush and deposit the whole thing on the vacant property across from the fire station in Tonto Village.

The Hellsgate brush crew will come by sometime in late September and pick up all the refuse with their Bobcat and trailer.

The monthly Hellsgate fire board held their monthly meeting in Tonto Village on Wednesday, Sept. 14. A report of that meeting will be in next week’s column.

John Wisner will be awarded a certificate for his 18 years of service to Hellsgate by the Hellsgate board.

The ‘Fireflies’ held their meeting on Monday, Sept. 12. At that time, elections were held for two positions on the executive board.

Dara Sutton, outgoing president, and Scherry Duncan, outgoing treasurer, positions were open. The election was by ballot and Linda Stailey was elected to be the treasurer for one year.

I was also elected for one year as president. It was with deep emotions that Dara stepped down as president. Dara has done a fantastic job of leading the ‘Fireflies’ to an organization that truly has heart.

The membership grew under her leadership and the Fireflies have done a wonderful job in helping the firefighters and the community.

Thank you, Dara, for a job well done.

Scherry Duncan did almost an impossible job in organizing the finances for the auxiliary with little information to go by. Thank you, Scherry, for your hard work.

On Friday, Sept. 9, the appreciation luncheon was held at the Mazatzal Casino for all the volunteers who helped make the Labor Day weekend such a success.

At that time, the ‘Firefly of the Year’ award was presented to Susanne Warwick for her outstanding work with the raffle items. Susanne’s PR skills were shown through with all the prizes the Fireflies got to raffle off.

Susanne just joined the Fireflies this past year and has made quite a difference in the sales of raffle items. Thank you, Susanne, for all your hard work.

The next big project on the agenda for the Fireflies is the compilation of recipes for a cookbook to be published next September and ready for sale. The title will be “Fireflies Can Cook.”

If you would like to submit a recipe or two or three, please contact Vicki Grootegoed by email at vleigh@earthlink.net, Penny Wells at pennykaye@ymail.com or janet_snyder 2001@yahoo.com. An anecdote about the recipe would be helpful, such as old family recipes, and quick and easy recipes for the families who need good food fast.


Elaine Tetzke of Tonto Village III celebrates her birthday on Sept. 19. Robert Winchester of Mead Ranch adds another candle on Sept. 18. Jenna Meeker, daughter of Rick and Theresa Meeker of Tonto Village II and Scottsdale will have her birthday on Sept. 22. Gloria Alliger, a Hellsgate board member, will celebrate her big day on Sept. 23.

Hopi Indian exhibition

Shelby School will be hosting a contingent of Hopi Indian dancers to their school for the enjoyment of their school children on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

For more information on the time of the exhibition, call the school at 478-4706. The address in Tonto Village for the school is 235 W. Standage Drive.

I personally have seen a few of the dancers in exhibition at a ‘powwow’ held in upstate New York many years ago. It is quite colorful and entertaining.

Labor Day weekend mishap

On Sunday, Sept. 4, Nita Cradock was a passenger on a quad headed for Johnson Boulevard from Standage Drive when the throttle stuck. The quad landed in the small creek alongside Johnson Boulevard. Thankfully, Nita came out of the incident with only a broken ankle and a broken big toe.

It could have been a lot worse. Nita, get well wishes go out to you from Tonto Village. We hope you have a speedy recovery.

Double D doings

The winners of the nine ball competition last Tuesday evening were Judy Tolle, Bobbie Davis and Ethel Cain. The competition was held at The Landmark in Christopher Creek.

Congratulations, girls. Next week, the competition will be at the Double D.


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