The Joy Of Little Children



While we were remembering 9/11 last week, I was also thinking about the shrinking membership of the Methodist Church where I have recently been attending.

The reason I connect the two has to do with our attitude toward children. On 9/11 there were more Americans killed by abortion (3,200) than terrorists (3,000).

During the last decade both the LDS church and the Amish have experienced significant growth while many denominations and countries are shrinking in membership and population.

Both of these churches strongly emphasize having a family. Today many couples don’t want the expense or bother associated with children.

When you think about it, the problem with Social Security is brought on more by our low birth rate than political persuasion i.e. not enough young people working to support old guys like me sitting around writing to the editor.

The best thing we can do for our country is to change our attitude about raising children. Not only that, think how much joy little children bring when they walk into a room.

Phon D Sutton


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