Rope Course Is Dangerous Eyesore



I would like to mention two concerns regarding the recently constructed rope course on high

school property off of South McLane Road. One, the course is an extremely dangerous attractive nuisance in that it offers numerous possibilities for serious accidents. It is my fervent hope that none of our Payson young people try it out some dark night and injure or kill themselves. In addition to this dire possibility, the course is a colossal eyesore.

The second concern refers to the above mentioned unsightliness. It would have been appreciated had the school district polled the few close neighbors involved as to where the structures would be located. There are other sites on the property where it would not have been so visible.

As for now, our peaceful view of the sky from our dining area and patio is completely gone, since the entire course looms directly above our back fence.

Wanda Sitz


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