Humane Society Crushing The Little Volunteers



I’m just one of the insignificant supporters of our Humane Society animals. My efforts won’t be needed now I guess.

To be able to donate or raise $3,000 or $10,000 is out of my league. However, giving $30 or so in cash every little bit, for dog food or donating to the thrift shop has been my pleasure. But lo: Reid, Enland and the “not to be questioned” HSCAZ board, say small time commoners (like me) “create a perception of “Chaos and disorganization.” Well just slap us little people down Reid!

What’s best for the animals? I guess my $30 doesn’t feed many animals huh?

I suppose the volunteers that walk the dogs will have to go also, after all that’s not much of a contribution. Right? Sad, sad deal — after the small, faithful, volunteers have helped raise the money — the lofty few like you “great decision makers” take over. Well, “review and coordinate,” all you want — your desire to be the big planners is crushing the little volunteers.

Jo Dipple


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