Republican Party Has Lost Touch With We The People



We the people, for the people, and by the people, this is the reason government will never be a business.

I’m a Republican and have been since the age of 16. It’s about the people, and in government people have needs, rich or poor! We’re not a business; business must turn a profit at any cost, even if it’s at the people’s expense.

Shame on us; forgetting and putting aside the essence of our humblest beginnings. It’s about the people; as is often the case, the immediate needs of the people, rich and poor alike.

I’m disenchanted as a Republican that my party is more concerned about future generations, while sacrificing the existing generation. We the people alive today, need our government to come and stand beside us the people in a time of desperate need.

How pious, and self absorbed have we become?

We attack Social Security, an earned retirement income. Solution; raise the FICA to 10 percent for employee and employer alike, cap it at $250,000 of earned income. I think if my party, yes my Republican Party, the one I’m so proud of, ran the numbers they would find we wouldn’t have a retirement problem.

I don’t call what we’ve been going through for the past four years a recession, a modest recovery, or the beginnings of another recession: It’s “A Modern Day Depression.”

If not for the social safety nets, then times would be just as bad as the “Great Depression.” My party wasn’t elected to Congress to just, cut, cut, cut.

It’s about We the People, not we the Republican Party, not we that only have the ability to cut spending, and are incapable of raising revenues, and increasing taxes.

My mother once asked me; “Would you do this to your own family and especially your children?” We’re your children, we’re not a business, we have families, problems, and needs. Yet you purposely chose not to accept our dilemma as a people, but instead sell us on the need to take care of our grandchildren.

If my party fails to take care of me and my own in the immediate future, it’s doubtful that there will be a future of any value for future generations. We’re a People: We the People, for the People, and by the People, not a business, where cutting the people out is part of the equation!

Shame, Shame, Shame ... go look in the mirror; you pious, self-absorbed Republicans who’ve lost touch with We the People.

Tim Hewitt


Greg Hoffman 5 years, 4 months ago

It's so sad to see you unhappy with the Republican Party. Maybe we should just spend, spend, spend.... until nothing is left of this great country and falls because you want your piece of pie until nothing is left except the pan! Like you, I have contributed to S.S. my entire adult working life. But it will not be there for me because the Democrats took, robbed and stole this money from a interest bering account and moved it into the general fund. S.S. will be bankrupt by 2017. Republicans are doing what we the people asked them to do! We the people put them in office to take control of this useless government. It is obvious you are no business person and have never operated a business. Maybe, you have changed what you value and those values are the same as that of the Democratic Party? Like Ted, you want yours and you want it now. To hell with the future generations! It is you my friend that has lost touch.


Sterling Lanphear 5 years, 4 months ago

Mr. Hewitt, you are correct on all your points. My favorite Republican was Teddy Roosevelt who would understand you as well, were he alive today.

Present day Republican dogma is more a product of the Reagan years which were, in the form of rhetoric, good enough to get him elected and reelected, following the dismal Carter years. He was our savior, right? But, we are now living the consequences of "supply side" economics taken to an extreme. Supply flourishes when there is demand. Demand is retreating so the suppliers are too, because there is reduced demand for their product.

It is easy to get caught up in all the media hysteria and hype that is peddled in the name of news when it is really mere opinion. The news outlets, in general, are given to doom, gloom and attempts to incite and inflame their audiences and build their Nielson ratings which attracts advertising revenue. They can't let the truth get in the way of attracting more money.

You and Mr. Hoffman (your critic), may profit from a web site which focuses on geopolitics and on occassion delves into domestic politics when the two disciplines overlap. It is <>. Stratfor will send you two free reports each week, if you ask, but all other content is obtained by subscription. It is worth every penny if you want to rise above the depressing din. There was a recent analysis on domestic politics and the up coming 2012 elections which, I think, went out as free.

The simple truth of the matter is our social securities are not going bankrupt so long as the fed has the power to inflate an economy when needed and remove excess capital (taxes) when not. We don't need to change the contribution rates and no one should use the term "bankrupt" in the same sentence with the "Social Security". It is impossible for the fed to go bankrupt as long as we are not on a gold standard, which we were when Social Security was first implemented. The fed can expand the money supply if it needs to and alleviate any deficit in the Social Securtiy accounts.

These safety nets, as you refer to them, do indeed, help prevent another depression along with an expansion of the money supply and bail out of the errant investment banks. In time, we will recover.

Mr. Hoffman, I was a franchise business owner in Payson for eight years, a business which is still going strong and paid me very handsomely but you don't need to be a businessman to understand macro-economics. The two are only minutely related and significantly different because a business can't tax, and can't print money.

So everybody, just relax. You Republicans choose a candidate that is well rounded in domestic and foreign policies, someone like Newt Gingrich for president and maybe Herman Kane as his running mate for his business mentality and acumen. The other five candidates are relative lights weights and not worthy of serious consideration.


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