Semstream Raises Off-Pipeline Propane Users By 25 Percent



Thank you for reporting that the Arizona Corporation Commission does not regulate SemStream Propane’s rate structure for customers who are not on the Payson pipeline. Guess I’m one of that lucky 2,000. That would explain the four price hikes over the last two years, from $2.49 to $3.25 per therm, none of them requested of the corporation commission. That’s roughly a 25 percent increase.

And now comes APS with its latest “revenue requirements” of another $45 million.

As a newcomer to the area, I’m hoping my new neighbors can tell me: did you ever hear of an Arizona utility’s request to the corporation commission for a rate increase that was denied?

Elizabeth Beck


Doug Mann 5 years, 4 months ago

Propane Prices In the time it took Ms. Beck to write the letter to the Editor lamenting the lack of government regulatory oversight for the propane in her tank, she could have contacted any of the 3 or 4 retail propane companies in Rim Country and made her decision based upon the best pricing, the best service, reliability, safety, etc. I know this is the old fashioned way of marketplace decisions instead of calling in the government, but we (and most of your neighbors) like the freedom to make our own choices! Welcome to the neighborhood! Doug Mann


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