Time To Elect Republicans



Just a year ago President Obama spent almost a trillion dollars of borrowed money to support the teachers union (a heavy contributor to his campaign), to support the SEIU, the notorious public employees union and other plump-cat supporters of his.

This year he gave a half a billion dollars to a failing solar panel manufacturer, which was — dare I say it — a heavy contributor to his campaign. The taxpayers of course have to pay up for his gifts.

Now he wants to spend an additional half trillion dollars to these same pals and cronies and wants our grandkids to pay for it all. Today, we find out that the corruption has gone so far that Democrats in California are stealing from each other.

His plump-cat pals have put a billion dollars at the disposal of the president’s campaign. Good value for money spent, they think.

It is absolutely clear that we must elect honest, prudent Republicans to every office we can, from the mayor’s house to the White House.

Andy McKinney, president,

Rim Country Republican Club


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