Ten Things That Could Spur Housing Industry

Realtor: Steps would add some 15,000 jobs to the state


State Senator Sylvia Allen recently spoke to the Central Arizona Board of Realtors and related how increasing rules, regulations and government red tape is harming the country and Arizona.

To the credit of the state Legislature, they recently passed legislation that prevents municipalities from requiring fire sprinklers in homes.

This will help bring down the cost of housing in Arizona.

Here are some other ideas that locally and nationally could help rejuvenate the housing market, increase tax revenues and put people back to work.

Many of the items would not increase taxes, but would create jobs and a housing demand.

If you throw in fast approval for a mine in Superior, plus incorporation of the 10 items below and conservatively speaking, 15,000 jobs could be added to the Arizona economy.

Come on, Congress, what’s the hold up to send economic health our way?

No. 10 — The Town of Payson and the Northern Gila County Sanitary District could initiate a one-year moratorium on development (impact) fees, reducing the cost of building a home in Payson by more than $12,000.

No. 9 — Let underwater homeowners, who are current on their mortgage payments and have good credit, refinance at today’s interest rates.

No. 8 — Review and eliminate frivolous building regulations that increase the cost of home construction.

No. 7 — Allow appraisers, real estate agents and lenders to communicate.

No. 6 — Expedite the U.S. Forest Service process to allow for a quicker acquisition of the land for the ASU Payson college campus.

No. 5 — Have the U.S. Forest Service expedite their process for the construction of the Blue Ridge pipeline.

No. 4 — Have the U.S. Forest Service expedite their process for responsible timber harvesting in the Rim Country, which would give the side benefit of fire control management. (Note: The local forest service ranger district is trying to help with items 4-6.)

No. 3 — Ask the national news media to refrain from sensationalizing housing and economic events.

No. 2 — Have the federal government replace crisis management with long-term, responsible fiscal policy that will give businesses the confidence to invest in plants and equipment and the consumer the confidence to invest in housing.

And the No. 1 thing that could spur the housing market: buying a home.

Ray Pugel is a designated broker with Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty.

Contact him at (928) 474-2216.


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