Volunteers Do It For The Animals



We, the Penny Ante Volunteers of Rim Country and Tonto Basin, have struggled for many years to provide room and board for hundreds of discarded cats and dogs.

We fixed leaky roofs, repaired animal pens, washed blankets, walked dogs, petted the cats, scooped poop and cleaned litter boxes. We dug to the bottom of trash cans, clearly marked with the “aluminum cans only” designation, in order to rescue a few cans from the dirty diapers and leftover food. We used our own vehicles to haul the cans to the recycling center.

We kept doggie banks placed in strategic businesses all over town to give opportunities for those with leftover change to donate. Small children loved to feed the doggie with their nickels and dimes.

While the Rodeo-Chediski Fire was raging, we rescued animals left destitute from forest fires or abandoned in campgrounds. We fed, petted, walked and cleaned after the dogs that were kept in the off-leash park. Cats were taken to a different enclosure and cared for.

We purchased our own booth to take to events, after years when we sat in the sun, wind, or sometimes rain. We sold raffle tickets and gave out information about our endeavor to rescue and adopt out the many animals without a home. After event goers gave a request for a donation jar in our booth, we gladly assisted and collected many dollars to assist in caring for the animals.

We walked the streets begging many small-business owners to donate items for our auction at the chili supper. We put up posters all around town. Year after year, the same little people came to the rescue to help cook, serve, and clean up, although most of us had fun in doing so.

We had many yard sales at local churches that offered us the use of their facilities. One person donated the use of his pickup, helped with lifting the heavy furniture, and another person brought her trailer and spent the night so yard sale items would not be taken without permission. We sold books, clothing, odds and ends, jewelry, and new tees with the animal care logo on them.

We folded, stamped, labeled, sealed, and then sorted a few thousand newsletters each quarter to keep the public informed.

We the little people have no need for our names to be listed here, as we are many. We are children, teens, moms and dads, old folks and visitors from out of town. We love the animals and care about what happens to them.

Wanda Sanford


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