Woman Uses Alternative Practices To Heal Body And Mind


Nagging pain or thoughts are one woman’s specialty.

Shiranda Deerwoman doesn’t suffer from these ailments, she helps cure them.

Using a blend of alternative healing modalities, Deerwoman has seen the “amazing” results a few simple exercises and tools can make.

“It is really exciting work for me,” she said of transformational kinesiology. “I came upon it in 1992 with my formal background in teaching and counseling.”

Drawn to self-help books at an early age, Deerwoman found herself and realized she could help others do the same. Working in the counseling field for several years, her work moved from the classroom to the field.

Although most people have not heard of Transformational Kinesiology (TK), Deerwoman says, it is a powerful communication tool.

TK works through muscle testing. Deerwoman will ask a client a question and then gently push on their arm. If the arm falls, the answer is yes, but if it stays rigid, it is no and Deerwoman will examine another issue.

Muscle testing helps identify energy blocks that may be holding someone back in life, she said.

“We inquire using muscle testing which accesses a higher self, the part of the you that has the answers,” she said. “If the arm locks, then that is saying don’t worry about that, that is not the issue.”

For example, a client may have problems with their teeth. Deerwoman will ask a series of questions that may lead the client to the answer that they are not speaking their truth.

When the client realizes what energy is out of alignment, they can set a goal to change it.

“In TK processes, we gain insight as well as correction at the causal level,” she said.

Once a negative thought pattern or emotional issue is brought to the forefront, Deerwoman leads a client through balancing activities.

“Muscle testing takes us directly to what it is — what is maybe beyond our immediate awareness. It is a communitarian tool that helps direct us.”

Deerwoman studied TK with its founders Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboefor for nine years.

Today, she says its takes a two-hour session for a client to reach some of the programming and beliefs that are holding them back. When clients realize what habits and patterns are hurting them, they generally feel elevated, once those aspects are addressed through the TK balancing process.

“It is a shift and you go beyond those hindrances you hold at the personality level to a different sense of self,” she said. “It is very exciting work.”

Deerwoman uses TK in conjunction with other modalities, such as Reiki.

With Reiki, Deerwoman sends healing energy through her palms to a client. If a knee hurts, Deerwoman places her hands over it and the positive healing Reiki energy flows.

“It can significantly reduce and oftentimes relieves pain and acute symptoms promptly,” she said. “It can be used with standard medical procedures and religious beliefs without conflict.”

For more information on Deerwoman Transformation, call (928) 478-6928 or e-mail sdeerwoman@msn.com.


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