Democrats Debunking Themselves



I am writing to express my appreciation to the Payson Roundup for giving equal space to Democrats to express their political beliefs in opposition to those mean ol’ Republicans. The op-ed piece by congressional candidate Mike Weisser and the four letters to the editor gave clear insight into the political principles of Democrats.

Or lack thereof.

Mike Weisser’s op-ed piece was headlined “Debunking Dr. Gosar’s snake oil remedies,” yet Mike Weisser spent 12-and-a-half column inches heaping ridicule, derision, and insult upon Dr. Gosar while “debunking” absolutely nothing. If Democrats are so much better than Republicans, I’d like to hear about how they would go about restoring Constitutional government to the United States instead of taking cheap potshots at people who are.

Ted Paulk says he doesn’t know any American who wants to stop all drilling and refining, and infers he doesn’t know anyone who “loathes the military.” Obviously he hasn’t been listening to the unidentified man in the White House who calls himself “Obama” or he would. If Mr. Paulk doesn’t know what an “American Socialist” is by now, he isn’t paying attention.

I don’t know where Leon Chamberlain is getting his political platform information, but it’s the Republicans in Arizona who passed SB1070. All his Socialist/ Marxist assertions can be addressed with the following fundamental principle: America wasn’t founded to provide you with health care. It wasn’t founded to provide you with food, or shelter, or welfare, or wages, or a job, or an education, or anything else some filthy Marxist in Democrat feathers or 10-point steel RINO hide tries to con you into voting for.

This nation was founded to protect your liberty and nothing else. And that fundamental purpose has been almost entirely subverted out of existence by generation after generation of people making arguments like you make in your letter, with a whole phalanx of “True Believers of Marx The Messiah and His Latest Incarnation in the White House” carefully guiding your understanding of all that is right and good.

Those of us who know the promise of this nation of liberty, this shining beacon of liberty on the hill, have just about had it up to here with people of your ilk. We are restoring the Constitution of the United States as the sole authority of the federal government, and you can either lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way.

Donald L. Cline


Ted Paulk 4 years, 9 months ago

Still waiting for anyone to tell me "who loathes the military"...anyone? anyone? Ted


Ted Paulk 4 years, 9 months ago

By the way Don, the word you are looking for is "imply" in this case , not 'infer". And I neither Implied it nor Inferred it. I stated it as a fact. NO ONE IN AMERICA LOATHES THE MILITARY...not even the haters of everything else; those of you who would rather see America fail than to see Obama succeed!! Ted


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