Democrats Spin Lies



What a target-rich environment of Democrat spin in Friday’s paper. I don’t quite know where to start. Since we have until November to expose Mike Weisser and the duplicates of some of the other “misstatements” I will let his pathetic lies go for now, except to point out that the 8.3 percent unemployment rate that the Obama regime touts is only because they quit counting people who have run out of unemployment (1.2 million in February alone). Real unemployment is over 10 percent and when you count the self-employed no longer making money and the people that lost full-time jobs and are working part-time, the rate is close to 20 percent.

Ted, I’m not sure where you came up with this list of blatant lies! Your apparent hero, B. Hussein Obama has totally shut down oil exploration despite his lies to the contrary. The increased drilling is due to permits issued by Bush and Clinton that are now coming on line and drilling on private land, which Obama cannot stop. He also stopped the Keystone XL pipeline after three years of review that proved no environmental impact to appease his ecowacko base. Your laundry list of lies about the Republican platform looks like a desperate attempt to scare people. There are only two semi true lines: Global warming is a hoax: Completely true!!! The auto industry should have been allowed to go bankrupt: They should have been allowed to file bankruptcy under existing law and reorganize as many other companies have done. Bailing out the UAW by illegally confiscating GM and Chrysler, wiping out retirement accounts of many Americans’ 401Ks and IRAs, and giving the companies to his buddies in the UAW is pretty despicable. GM will also never pay back the $20+ billion they still owe the taxpayers.

Leon, I am running out of space, to refute your total column of lies, but Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, his despicable lawsuits against states, like Arizona, which are trying to enforce the law, tells me that the Republicans are not the open borders crowd.

Dale Oestmann


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