Religious Freedom Not Exclusive To Employers



I want to know: why is it only employers have religious freedom? Why is it our Legislature lets groups like the Catholic Church, Alliance Defense Fund, Goldwater Institute and the NRA write their bills?

Why is it the Legislature wants more state rules for women’s private parts yet runs on less government? Why is it the Legislature only cares for fetuses in the womb, once born however, the funds are cut for CPS, Kids Care and education?

Why is it the Legislature refuses to put restraints on legislative gifts and goodies like what happened with the Fiesta Bowl fiasco?

Judy Bowers


kate moore 4 years, 9 months ago

Thank you, Judy Bowers; you expressed extremely well the irony and near terrorism of current thinking. Too many politicians SAY they want small government, but what they MEAN is that they want their own government, and lots of it, with total control.


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