Sv Has Tough Questions For Payson Water Czar


Now that Star Valley has gone into the water business, the council on Tuesday will get some answers from Payson water czar Buzz Walker on issues that could affect the town’s long-term development.

Star Valley will take over the local water company in May from Brooke Utilities, which will make the town legally entitled to a share of water from the Blue Ridge pipeline.

The council has yet to decide whether to seek that extra water allotment since most residents get their water from private wells.

The town hopes to get answers Tuesday from Walker, Payson’s water superintendent/assistant public works director and CC Cragin project manager.

Walker will address the council starting at 5:30 p.m. during a work-study at Star Valley’s town hall.

Along with Blue Ridge water, the council plans to address the following issues:

• Potential capital improvement projects for the Star Valley water company.

• Should Star Valley and Payson work together on a master water plan?

• Is contamination from aging septic systems a real threat to the groundwater supply in Star Valley?

• What direction should Star Valley take?

• Should the town continue a well monitoring program?

• Can the town afford to expand the water system to serve other residents?

After the work-study, the council will solidify its intended rate structure for the Star Valley water company.


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