Republican Rebuttals Are Name-Calling And Illogical



The recent letters to the editor vastly illustrate the difference between the two political parties. The Democratic letters are articulated, well-written, and just list facts. The rebuttals are just name-calling and illogical responses. Instead of calmly stating their position, they ignore facts, indulge in name-calling and mindless slogans. I was highly amused by Donald Cline who chastised Mike Weisser for taking cheap potshots, then calls me and others socialists (they and their ilk know nothing about socialism) filthy Marxist in Democrats feathers (that was pretty cool) and various other slurs. As for SB 1070, I don’t know what in the heck he is referring to, as this matter was never mentioned in my letter.

Why do thinking folk who care about the environment and matters other than the welfare of the rich get labeled ecowackos? Do you like breathing clean air?

As for Mr. Oestmann’s claim that the unemployment rate is higher. Blame it on Bush. It seems like every time the Democrats are elected they are left a Republican’s mess to clean up. The reason it isn’t lower is that on the day Mr. Obama was elected the Republican bosses announced they would do everything in their power to thwart our president to prevent him from being re-elected. What wonderful statesmen they are. There are willing to let the nation go to heck, let people lose their houses, ignore pressing issues of the working class, injure anyone necessary, all to get their stooge in office. Sad.

The difference is that the left is educated, cares about people and wants to help the less fortunate. The right consists of those whose minds are cruel, and can only understand the two or three word slogans shouted on Fox news. I have heard hundreds of members of the right spout these blurbs — “tax & spend” — “missing children” — “it was flawed,” etc. When you ask them why it was flawed they can give no answer, their knowledge goes no further than what their corporate masters wish them to know — two or three words at a time. Watch the Fox news people — they are a pack of hyenas, embarrassing to the intelligent. They merely out shout their opponents. Real cultured.

As for the bailout of the auto industry there are about two million jobs dependent upon it. Average Americans, not the rich. Why not outrage for the bailout of the banking institutions? Because the Republican bosses wanted it — it helped them and their rich friends.

As for abortion — doesn’t the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens and American servicemen killed and horribly maimed for life matter? All for a lie that allowed Haliburton and the rich to garner obscene profits.

And climate warming is a fact! Did you already forget the warmest March in history?

I personally challenge these Republican writers to a public debate. Then we’ll see how much their howls ring true.

Leon Chamberlain


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