We Have Option To Vote Ourselves Out Of Selfishness



I found Mr. Wallen’s erudite letter to the editor very informative and I agree with his conclusions that we are moving toward and may even be in bondage.

A major problem in our country has been the move from “abundance to selfishness.” The very wealthy in our country learned a long time ago that they could “vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.” This is why the wealthy pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than the rest of us and oil companies receive subsidies while their profits continue to grow. This is why special interest groups purchase politicians through super PACs.

While middle class people struggle to keep their homes and poorer people struggle to put food in their stomachs, the wealthy worry about installing elevators for their cars.

The recognition of the great divide between the very wealthy and the rest of us may be the motivation, which leads the majority from bondage to spiritual faith and the courage that returns us to liberty.

Fortunately, we still have the option of voting our way out of selfishness.

Susan Claire


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