Misplaced Priorities



While I guess it will be nice to have wide two-lane concrete bridges spanning mostly dry washes on the 1.5-lane-wide gravel Control Road, I think the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

The excuse seems to be for fire evacuation, but in that situation, there is no need for a two-lane bridge. Everyone is going the same way.

The existing bridges and crossings built by the CCCs long before this senior citizen was born were still adequate, and probably built better than their replacements (interestingly, there was no public knowledge of this project until the signs went up).

The Pine Creek Road project is needed, but now the county wants to waste $500,000 to build “pedestrian shelters” in Pine and Strawberry. We have done fine without them for all these years.

The project that is severely needed, the Tonto Creek bridge at Punkin Center, just keeps being kicked down the road. These folks have been trying to bridge the creek since before I came here almost 40 years ago. They even bought a bridge, which is rusting away down along Reno Creek, because the federal bureaucracy would not let them put it up. It is time for the county to cut out all the crap, quit playing politics, and build the most needed improvement in the entire county.

I live in Pine, pass through Tonto Basin occasionally, so don’t have a dog in this fight. These people have been screwed by the system for too long.

Build the damn bridge and channel the creek before more people die and more property is destroyed!

Dale Oestmann


Phil Van Dyke 4 years, 9 months ago

I am guessing that the money for these bridges and possibly the 3 lane improvement of 87 came from shovel ready projects looking for money and that money came from the federal government. I would also think that the 2nd round about in Payson was another shovel ready as the money could have been spent better elsewhere. Why not the Payson bypass? Who makes these decisions? Put a name and face to the projects.


Pat Randall 4 years, 9 months ago

The river at Tonto was there long before the people. They had a choice of which side of the creek to buy on. They also have a choice of crossing or not crossing when it is flooded. Don't go around the barriers and then blame someone else. I believe the bridge was hauled off about 10 yrs ago for scrap metal. Yes, I have lived in Tonto Basin and had a business there. I lived on the west side of the river. Crossed the river twice in 7 yrs, but not when it was flooding.


don evans 4 years, 9 months ago

I have seen large Railroad Flat Cars used as a bridge to cross a creek or ravine. How about one for each direction, or four together at about one tenth of the cost for a site built bridge? Oh no, take the Obama handout (with strings attached), stretch the completion out years, study the hell out of it, and let some local politician put their name to it.


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