Mudslinging Dominates In County Recorder’S Race

Mickie Nye

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Mickie Nye Candidate


Mickie Nye, candidate for the Gila County recorder’s office, says he wants to restore the department’s customer service, but first he’ll have to cope with some high-profile mudslinging in the race for a normally low-key office.

Nye recently spoke to the Democratic women’s club about his bid to become the new recorder.

“We’ve heard several complaints about the recorder’s office,” said Nye.

Among them are poor customer service, budgetary waste and a political agenda.

The recorder handles all voter registration information and files all titles for property sold within the county.

On the other hand, political opponents have attacked Nye as a result of his plea agreement concerning assault and perjury charges relating to an incident involving his 16-year-old stepdaughter.

However, Nye has tried to keep the focus on complaints about the operations of the recorders office under the direction of incumbent Sadie Tomerlin Dalton.

Nye said he has heard from business owners and friends that recorder office staff has ignored them when they come to file paper work.

Some people have told Nye they won’t work with the recorder’s office anymore, he told the audience.

Nye, a longtime business owner in the Globe area and an officer in numerous civic organizations, hopes to streamline procedures, reduce the budget and make the recorder’s office more efficient.

“I want to see a 10 percent reduction in costs,” said Nye, “I think cross training employees so they can all handle these jobs is important.”

Nye suggested that incumbent Dalton wasted funds ordering expensive stationary only to turn around and to order all new stationary because she changed her name due to marriage.

“They (the recorder’s office) think this is someone else’s money,” he said, “They should take better care.”

County officials say they’re investigating those allegations.

Nye believes political partisanship affects the recorder’s office. Nye would like to see a Democrat in the office to counter what he feels is a Republican monopoly.

“The Republicans have access to more information in the recorder’s office because they are Republicans,” said Nye.

Nye related the case of Canyon Day voters who had to drive miles to Globe after Republicans challenged their ballots. Nye would rather see officials from the recorder’s office drive to the voters to resolve their problem.

But Nye also has skeletons in the closet.

Globe radio station KQSS states on its Web site that Nye made a plea agreement on a perjury charge and pleaded guilty to an assault charge regarding his 16-year-old stepdaughter.

“I’ve made mistakes,” said Nye of his past, “I’m regretful for what I’ve done.”

Nye owns the Dairy Queen in Globe and has run it successfully for more than a decade. He currently sits as the president of the Globe Boys and Girls Club. He was a past president and governor of the Rotary Club and last year received the honor of being named Person of the Year in Globe.

He also served as a member of the Gila County Planning and Zoning Commission.


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