Nipped It In The Bud



The recent rally to stop the selling of so-called “designer drugs” was a wonderful example of what people who care can really do.

I managed field operation for several steel companies in my life; our employees were iron workers.

We also were involved in released convict rehab programs, where we hired men who were released from prison and tried to give them a trade, so they could fit back into the community, many didn’t make it. But in most cases, after talking to them, I found that their problems all started with drugs.

The typical story: need money for drug habit, commit a crime. In almost every case they told me they started by using pot. After a while it didn’t give them what they wanted, so while being loaded on pot, they did the hard stuff, and that was the beginning of the end.

I see this stuff they call designer drugs as a dangerous thing for young people to dabble in, reason being, it breaks down their natural fear of being a drug addict. Once a young person, thinks that they can venture down this road, they think they are smart enough to not get hooked. So it’s our job to protect them from junk like this, until they have gone their own ways in the world.

Drug addicts take one step at a time, and doing this “designer drug” is just the first “baby step” — and we’re not talking “Mother may I” here, we’re talking about ruining the lives of young people and their loved ones. Simulating doing drugs is how it gets started.

Congratulations to all the wonderful people who showed they care.

Dell Owens


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