Read Positions On Border Security Closely



First, I would like to thank the new editor for providing a different approach with the “Point-Counterpoint” section of the Opinion page.

Next, I would like to congratulate Rep. Tom Chabin on his comments and ideas in rebutting the ideas of State Senator Sylvia Allen. All you readers should again read both writers’ positions on how to help Arizona control our border. Please look carefully at Allen’s call for poorly trained would-be volunteers to face either individuals hoping for jobs or trying to unite with family, or the rougher, drug carrying criminals. The possible outcome here is scary and the phrase “only five hours of training” keeps running through my mind.

Representative Chabin has carefully suggested the need for well-trained National Guardsmen, who would be both trained and paid. And he expresses concern that the “lack of command, control and accountability is unprecedented and unacceptable.”

We can’t ignore the negative possibilities inherent in Senate Bill 1083.

Again, I thank you for the addition to your Opinion page.

George Spears


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