Speakeasy In Payson? Who’S Next?



I see that the chief of police reported to the Payson Roundup that his department had been investigating a “speakeasy” on Tyler Parkway for three months and had made a big bust.

It is my understanding that this “speakeasy” was in a warehouse owned by the person who was arrested. The “patrons” were his friends and family who gathered together to party.

To the rest of the citizens of Payson who like to get together with friends and family: Beware. If you are holding a party in your house to watch the playoffs and your friends chip in to buy beer and snacks, you could be next.

No more jackpot ropings or barbecues either ... especially if money is put up as a prize ... illegal gambling don’tcha’ know!

Too bad the police are so occupied with such things as this along with arresting dozens of minors with tobacco that they are unable to catch the guy who robbed the bank or held up the three businesses lately or who has been burglarizing the homes in town or find the guy who ripped off the disabled vets (luckily a young lady who works there found the guy in Florida by looking at e-Bay).

Oh and let’s not forget the 12-month investigation a while back that resulted in “drug paraphernalia being confiscated.”

Ted Paulk

Editor’s note: It was reported in the “speakeasy” story that arrests were made for selling liquor without a license and selling liquor to minors.


don evans 4 years, 9 months ago

Just friends and a family gathering? Oh, for several ongoing events over 3 months? Charging for alcohol and serving to minors? Sounds like a Payson version of an ongoing Rave Party. A feeble attempt to make money after a failed business endeavor????


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