1939 Chevrolet - Jim Winters


Jim found this car as a “field-fresh” project in 1987.

Over the next four years it was transformed into a modernized work of art, with Jim doing all mechanical work, the upholstery, the paint; in fact, he did everything except the body work.

Now featuring a 300 HP/ 350 Chevy engine, a 200-4R overdrive transmission, a ’75 Nova Rear end and a Mustang II front suspension with 11-inch disc brakes and a rack-and-pinion steering system, the car is now a great cruiser.

Air conditioning and satellite radio add to the creature comforts on the road.

For five years it served as Jim’s daily driver, and he has now added over 140,000 miles to the odometer, wearing out many of the mechanical parts and the paint job at least once in the process.

A fine way to preserve and enjoy a timeless classic!


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