1972 Dodge Demon - Otis And D.J. Wells



A rare story as tales of car collectors go, Otis Wells bought this 1972 Dodge Demon brand new in Costa Mesa, Calif. It was not only new off the showroom floor, it had also been delivered to the L.A. County Auto Show as part of a feature exhibit on the newest models.

Otis bought this car brand new from a dealer’s showroom floor in Costa Mesa, Calif. and has owned it ever since.

The original window sticker shows it as having been delivered to the L.A. County Auto Show, where Chrysler was showing off its newest models back in the day.

Suggested Retail was $3794.90 for a very well equipped little hot rod.

One of the last of the muscle car era, this one came equipped with a 340 cubic inch 4 barrel engine sporting 240 net horsepower, a four-speed stick shift, Posi rear end, rally suspension, disc brakes, bucket seats and the ever-popular vinyl top.

Definitely a keeper, and certainly one that has appreciated in value while being fun to drive for the last 40 years.

1926 Ford T Bucket - Otis and D.J. Wells


Built in Arkansas, this 1926 Ford T Bucket has evolved over the years into the hot rod the owners still enjoy today.

Originally built in Arkansas, this T Bucket is unusual in that it is powered by a huge 440 cubic inch Chrysler engine (probably 90 percent of T Buckets are running a small block Chevy). It also features a reverse valve body transmission, some monster 20-inch wide Mickey Thompson rear tires to help get all that power to the pavement, and lots and lots of chrome.

It has had several owners over the years, coming to Payson by way of a Texas Mopar shop and then California, before Otis and D.J. purchased it about eight years ago. They have enjoyed driving it in numerous cruises and parades.

D.J. says she gets lots of looks when she drives it around, but she’s not entirely sure if those looks are inspired by the awesome car or by the fact that it’s being driven by a lady who’s a senior citizen. Reminds one of a song about Pasadena ...


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