Stay Safe During The Rim’S Summer Storms


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Hello again, fellow Creekers.

We have had some great storms in Christopher Creek this summer season with lots of rain here recently. The rain has brought even cooler afternoon and evening temperatures. Just last week the storm quickly dropped temperatures to a cool 63 degrees at our Christopher Creek Lodge during the afternoon storm. We received lots of rain in a short amount of time and the roads were quickly flooding.

Please remember when it is storming outside to drive safe and slow down. It helps to increase your following distance and remember that braking distances increase in wet weather. Also, be careful not to drive through flooded areas. Even just 6 inches of water can make you lose control of a vehicle. So, if the “car wash” ever really gets going, be sure to not take any chances.

Along with cooler afternoon temperatures the rain also tends to bring out the critters. The rain when it drops so heavily can often displace critters from their normal homes. So, when big rains happen you might see some extra friends roaming about.

The summer rainfall has been much needed this year to help with what has been a record drought in the United States. In this area, water is always at a premium.

It looks like we have more rain in the forecast in the upcoming week, which is very exciting. It’s great to see how green and lush Christopher Creek is during the summer.

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