Story About Christian Austin’S Family Is Great Example Of Why National Health Care Is Needed



Michele Nelson, Roundup staff reporter, stated our problem in Gila County and Arizona, and America with her article “Christian comes home” in Tuesdays Roundup:

“An estimated 20 percent of Arizona residents ... lack health insurance — and 31 percent of Gila County residents ... coverage comes through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).”

Michele went on to say, “There is no Arizona law prohibiting companies from firing you over use of a company’s medical insurance plan.”

Forgive me, Michele, for only quoting your article here, but I feel the message needs to be driven home and you have done an outstanding job of laying out the facts.

To continue quoting: “Some 60 million Americans lack health insurance, which works out to be about 16 percent of the population. In Arizona the estimate stands at about 19 percent.

“The number has grown since the Arizona Legislature cut an estimated 250,000 from the AHCCCS rolls to help balance its budget.”

This article by Ms. Nelson contains a lot more information and deserves to be re-read by all the voters, and politicians, in Gila County who think that national health care is only benefiting illegals.

Failure to implement health care is affecting your friends and neighbors ... including this young and beautiful child, Christian Austin, whose family is now facing financial ruin because our legislators refuse to do their duty.

Remember this when you hear the loud and long rants against national health care (derided as Obamacare to make you hate it).

Ted Paulk


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

I don't understand the sentence stateing "there is no Arizona law prohibiting companies from firing you over use of using a companies mediacal insurance plan."

They might fire you but if you were on the ins. plan and someone on the insurance was sick at the time, the insurance company has to pay the bills. The employees company has no control over that.

I believe there is still a plan under AHCCC that covers children. If all else fails file for medical bankrupcy.


Gary Austin 4 years, 5 months ago

Let's say you get sick today and it takes four months in the hospital to recover. Your employer knows its a serious condition and fires you. At the end of the first month your medical benefits are over and you are unemployed. How do you pay for the remaining three months you have to go in the hospital? So you worked and paid a lot of your paycheck into the system faithfully for years, and the moment you need it, your insurance gets cut off. So when you get out of the hospital you have no job, everything you own is gone, you owe $600,000, you are bankrupt and have no credit, you can't rent an apartment or buy a house or car, and you live in a homeless shelter. Seem fair? It would be like paying homeowner's insurance for twenty years and then the day your house burns down your agent shows up and says, "We don't want to pay for this. Your policy is cancelled." Of course an insurance company could not do this because they are regulated. An employer, on the other hand, has no such regulations. They can fire you for using the company insurance if they want the purpose of which is to keep their future premiums low. This is why we are going to pass a law called, Christian's Law that will prohibit employers from doing this.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Both this article and the article mentioned are stories meant to pull political heart strings while pretending to be human interest stories. In other words they attempt to make political hay out of a child’s major problems.

First, under Cobra, they can pay their premiums and can take their insurance with them. Second, depending on the limits of the insurance, and the soundness of the company that insured them, they still have access to medial coverage. Third, in the U.S. there are laws that preclude a hospital from refusing medical cases wherein the patient or their family can’t pay.

That’s one reason our rates are high. We take care of those that really can’t pay. Which isn’t the case in this story. They can pay their premiums, and still have coverage.

It is a trumped up fabrication. Sure, the kid is sick, and sure the fellow lost his job, but you can bet the company didn’t fire him because of them being afraid of rising premiums. These cases are factored into the premiums. Their premiums may rise because of it, but not nearly as much as the fellow would hit them for in a lawsuit for doing such a thing. There may not be a criminal law prohibiting firing someone for such a stupid reason, but I think that wrong too. However, in civil law he would clean their plow, and any business owner would understand that, thus avoiding firing someone for the reason stated.

There are not thousands of people dying in the US due to the lack of Obamacare, as these people like to quote. This is an out and out lie. If those people were dying as claimed, we’d have the evening news making hay out of it, instead of who swam the best at the Olympics. They want Obamacare worse than these charlatans writing these articles. The studies quoted are put out by the most liberal schools in the nation. And, you can find articles (I have) which say that these studies have been highly questioned, and those putting them forth have not provided evidence to substantiate them. In other words, the studies were cannon fodder for the liberals to spew out in order to win votes and keep the law in place.


Ted Paulk 4 years, 5 months ago

Mr Sims, You and your ilk are the reason Mr. Austin has gone broke. You think you know, but you don't really, you've apparenty gotten yours and that is all that matters. You probably wrap yourself in the flag as a patriot and cling to the bible saying, all the while,"I am a devout Christian". But you're neither.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

Thanks for responding, Mr. Paulk. It would be interesting to discover how I might be the cause of Mr. Austin’s financial burdens. No, I haven’t gotten mine, as you suggest, I live from paycheck to paycheck, mostly. And it would be an honor to wrap myself in our flag, though I’m not worthy of that. The best I might obtain is it draped over my coffin, even if I’m fortunate enough for that. And, it is quite insightful of you to see that I do cling to my bible, for it is a wonderful thing, holding the way of life eternal. As to whether or not I am a Christian, that is for God to decide, not you, certainly.

Could you expound a bit on how you think I might be responsible for Mr. Austin’s problem? I don’t know the gent, and think that he is probably responsible for his own situation, to the extent that all of us are responsible for our own situations.

Can you provide proofs that he was fired for his child’s illness? Can you provide proofs of any of the things you published, in the article this concerns? I think not. Just as in your response to me, you express your opinion, which is what this column is about, of course. However, you have gone beyond mere opinion, wherein you should have said “I think….” or “I feel…” in regards to your original article.

Having published it as you have, you should be obligated to back up your story, rather than toss rocks at someone who dares to call your hand on it. Isn’t that fair? You have your opinion, I have mine. Should we not discuss it as adults, rather than children? If I offended you personally, I apologize. In my expression of my opinions, for that is what they were, I told the truth as I see it. Was I wrong in stating that your purpose and that of the original article’s writer was to take the obviously sad situation of a child and his hapless family to further your desires to see a result you’d prefer? If not, my comments appear to me to be accurate. You now have your chance to show me wrong. Will you take it? Or, would you rather spew a bit more vitriol?


Tim Branson 4 years, 5 months ago

Allan, do you really expect a liberal to come up with a rational argument. They can't. The best they can do is attack you personally. When there is nothing to back up their claims they resort to exaggerations about you, your family, your faith, etc. If you expect some kind of logic or truth, forget it. Once they insult every aspect of you they sit back and gloat over the great way they responded, all the while proving their own ignorance, intolerance, illogic, etc. Decent folks know the character assassinations for what they are. Attempts by emotion-driven, misinformed, brainwashed radicals to change the subject and hide the real issues. If this sounds a lot like Obama and his henchmens tactics then you didn't hide behind the door when God handed out brains.


don evans 4 years, 5 months ago

Hey Paulk. Guess what, I got mine. I earned every penny of it through my own dedication and hard work. No one gave it to me, willed it to me, or earned for me. I have had much exposure and interaction with the 20% of the uninsured (many by choice) and AZ AHCCCS clients. The overwhelming majority are basicly human parasites happily living off of those that actualy make a living for themselves and contribute to society. They are perfectly happy to take your income tax contributions to the government via their welfare. A devious symbiotic relationship exits between these indiviudals and our Federal and State Government. It's called, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, right about election time.


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

There is no way a company would fire someone if a member of thier family was using too much ins. benefits. Unless they intended to give the company to the fired person after the lawsuit. As long as he was doing his job, they are open for a really big lawsuit. There had to be another reason he was fired and insurance cancelled. I have always had the understanding once you are in the hospital the insurance has to pay if the premiums have been paid. If the business was sold that is a different story. My husband sold a company and went on COBRA immediatly as he had health problems and needed to be insured. We were very lucky as he was hired by another company which had very good insurance with no waiting time and covered existing problems. He had a problem we didn't know about and had to have a 7 way by pass on his heart a few weeks after working at the new job. At that time the bill was 'only' $65,000 and was paid with no problem. Now it would probably cost around $200,000. Thank God there are good employers and some good insurance companies.


Pam Mason 4 years, 5 months ago

National Health Care comes with plenty of problems. Denial of critical drugs, waiting lists for surgeries that can go on for years, emergency rooms that operate on skeleton staff at weekends. Sub standard care and dirty facilities are just a few examples of what happens with the British National Health Service. That is the system which is held up as an example to follow by the American spokesperson appointed by the Whitehouse. Research what is happening elsewhere before jumping in with both feet.


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