Advice: Don’T Try To Scam Police Chief


Last week, Payson Police Chief Don Engler received an emotional plea for help from a woman via e-mail. Turns out it was all a scam.

The Payson Police Department reminds residents that schemes for money remain active in the community.

When Engler opened his town e-mail July 25, the subject line, “I am drenched with tears,” immediately caught his attention.

The woman wrote that she had just found out she would die soon due to medical complications and wanted to open an orphanage. “I am in quest to find a trustworthy and upright individual who I will entrust the sum of $8.2 million USD and this has led me to you,” she writes.

Now whether they are offering millions or asking for just a few hundred, they are all frauds, he said.

Popular tricks swindlers use include calling senior citizens and claiming their grandchild is in trouble and needs money or that they have just won a huge sum of money and need to send a hundred dollars to claim it.

Scammers use e-mail, telephone and postal mail to contact potential victims.

Engler said if it sounds too good to be true or too tragic, it probably is.

Report schemes to the PPD by calling (928) 474-5177.


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